Stay Chic and Fab The Boho Style

When you say Bohemian or boho style, people, especially girls, will automatically associate it with a chic style, feminism at its best. The good thing about this style is that it does not sit on the too girly or too womanly side but it has its own way of producing the effect of femininity. When you dress up in boho style, you would usually wear skirts and maxi dresses, but you do not use pastel and bright colors and instead stay with the neutral side and just spice it up with cool patterns.

Tips To Look Hot and Cool
The goal in using Bohemian Style Clothing is to look stunning yet chic, sexy yet subtle. If you are on the short side, never engage in garments which are too big for you as it will just make you look smaller. You can use long and flowing skirts but your top must be fitted so that it would not make you look like some kind of a hanger.

The secret to really rocking the look is to add your personal style. It is okay to get some ideas from magazines or celebrities but you should incorporate who you are in the process but just don’t forget that even if you are putting yourself into the concept you still have to stick with the colors associated with the style to avoid deviating from it.
Since your garment would most likely be simple, you can play with your accessories a little bit more, get a dash of gold and silver and some other vibrant colors to add to the effect. However, keep in mind that having a color combination of more than four hues is too much so try to play around four colors and below so to avoid looking like a clown.

The Origin Of Boho Chic And Boho Clothing

What comes to mind when you hear the words bohemian clothing? Are you not curious how bohemians used to dress? You may know of boho chic but that is not how bohemians used to dress.
Bohemians were used to pertain to people who are irregular or has informal social habits especially artists and writers. They were often associated with unorthodox views expressed in voluntary poverty or frugal living. Aristocratic bohemians, on the other hand, were called HauteBoheme or high bohemia. The practice of this kind of lifestyle is called bohemianism.

How Did The Bohemians Dressed Before?
Bohemian clothing style has existed for more than 200 years and continues to be nourished by modern bohemians.
Bohemian Women’s Clothing consists of loose, layered and colorful clothing paired with long and flowing hair. They always stand out in crowds due to their fashion which is highly based on creativity, indifference, and poverty inspired looks. Bohemian men usually went for the disheveled look and old worn clothes and shoes. From then on, bohemian style becomes a cult of some sort for people who have a sense of enlightenment, love of the arts, liberty and for people who reject materialism and social norms and behaviors. Their whole look is focused on looking disheveled and is an art in itself.  There are more and more boho stores popping up everywhere.

The loose clothing came about when they rebelled about the restriction of clothing like corsets, stiff bodies and such. They denied the Victorian era clothing. This movement by the bohemians is called the Aesthetic Movement which was led by Pre-Raphaelite artists.
The elements of bohemian clothing are the following:
* Free of restrictions and free flowing
* Loose hair
* Colorful scarves used as a head or body accessory
* Used, worn, second-hand clothes
* Multiple garments that are layered together
* Multiple jewelries
* Ornamental clothing from other cultures
* Flowers as accessories

Add A Bohemian Touch To Your Style

Not all of us will dress to impress, but we cannot help but always try to look our best in different ways every day. Especially us girls, we can play around with an overwhelming variety of styles available for us. Once you decided to finally explore the different genres out there, we would inevitably be fond of some specific styles that could ultimately be part of our identity. Quite critical, but do not be too anxious about this. It takes time for some people to find out their spirit style, so in order for you to determine yours, there’s a style you might want to try.

The Bohemian Way
Adding a piece or two of bohemian jewelry could work out nicely for you. The jewelry we wear you think would not be that noticeable, but just the right touch can transform your outfit to a sophisticated or chic-looking one. See for yourself the range of jewelry and accessories the bohemian style could offer. You might even find your most favorite jewelry here.

Lots More of Bohemian
Jewelry is just one of the varieties available in the bohemian style—they also have dresses or other garments for your complete attire. Even here on the internet, you can easily have a look at the different bohemian style clothing you could possibly wear. When you are on your way to exploring your style, always remember that it is not just about the way you look in the eyes of other people around you. The real thing that matters here is on how you look at yourself. If you feel good on the way you dress, then that means you’re looking good already.