The Origin Of Boho Chic And Boho Clothing

What comes to mind when you hear the words bohemian clothing? Are you not curious how bohemians used to dress? You may know of boho chic but that is not how bohemians used to dress.
Bohemians were used to pertain to people who are irregular or has informal social habits especially artists and writers. They were often associated with unorthodox views expressed in voluntary poverty or frugal living. Aristocratic bohemians, on the other hand, were called HauteBoheme or high bohemia. The practice of this kind of lifestyle is called bohemianism.

How Did The Bohemians Dressed Before?
Bohemian clothing style has existed for more than 200 years and continues to be nourished by modern bohemians.
Bohemian Women’s Clothing consists of loose, layered and colorful clothing paired with long and flowing hair. They always stand out in crowds due to their fashion which is highly based on creativity, indifference, and poverty inspired looks. Bohemian men usually went for the disheveled look and old worn clothes and shoes. From then on, bohemian style becomes a cult of some sort for people who have a sense of enlightenment, love of the arts, liberty and for people who reject materialism and social norms and behaviors. Their whole look is focused on looking disheveled and is an art in itself.  There are more and more boho stores popping up everywhere.

The loose clothing came about when they rebelled about the restriction of clothing like corsets, stiff bodies and such. They denied the Victorian era clothing. This movement by the bohemians is called the Aesthetic Movement which was led by Pre-Raphaelite artists.
The elements of bohemian clothing are the following:
* Free of restrictions and free flowing
* Loose hair
* Colorful scarves used as a head or body accessory
* Used, worn, second-hand clothes
* Multiple garments that are layered together
* Multiple jewelries
* Ornamental clothing from other cultures
* Flowers as accessories