Stay Chic and Fab The Boho Style

When you say Bohemian or boho style, people, especially girls, will automatically associate it with a chic style, feminism at its best. The good thing about this style is that it does not sit on the too girly or too womanly side but it has its own way of producing the effect of femininity. When you dress up in boho style, you would usually wear skirts and maxi dresses, but you do not use pastel and bright colors and instead stay with the neutral side and just spice it up with cool patterns.

Tips To Look Hot and Cool
The goal in using Bohemian Style Clothing is to look stunning yet chic, sexy yet subtle. If you are on the short side, never engage in garments which are too big for you as it will just make you look smaller. You can use long and flowing skirts but your top must be fitted so that it would not make you look like some kind of a hanger.

The secret to really rocking the look is to add your personal style. It is okay to get some ideas from magazines or celebrities but you should incorporate who you are in the process but just don’t forget that even if you are putting yourself into the concept you still have to stick with the colors associated with the style to avoid deviating from it.
Since your garment would most likely be simple, you can play with your accessories a little bit more, get a dash of gold and silver and some other vibrant colors to add to the effect. However, keep in mind that having a color combination of more than four hues is too much so try to play around four colors and below so to avoid looking like a clown.